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Lodge Safaris
A Lodge Safaris is ideal for beginners visiting Namibia – The Land of Contrast
Travelers are accommodated in comfortable lodges, which offer all the necessary amenities expected by foreign visitors like tree star hotels, cozy guesthouses or even guest farms where an interesting contact with the local people and their lives is made possible. Compare these Safaris? Click! 

Camping Safaris
For the explorer and adventurer seeking the real African experience. Those who like living close to nature and enjoy the outdoors with evenings at the campfire.  We offer camping safaris with well equipped off road vehicles into beautiful, barely untouched remote areas. These camping safaris will take you into the harsh paradise, the Kaokoveld, the vast northern Kalahari - Bushmanland, where the San people still live on a subsistent basis from nature as hunters and gatherers. We mostly pitch our tents anywhere and that can be somewhere under an ancient camelthorn tree or in a dry riverbed where our neighbors are the stars. Then again we also support small campsites owned and managed by the local communities. Need to compare our camping safaris? Click!

Short Safaris
The short safaris are ideally combined with a fly-in safari or if you are on a business trip to Namibia with limited time to see the country.   Accommodation is in comfortable lodges, hotels, cozy guesthouses or guest farms all depending on your needs of amenities. Compare short safaris? Click!

Fly-in Safaris
A fly-in or charter flight will ideally compliment your Lodge Safari or Camping Safaris. With the limited time of a holiday, a fly-in safari will enable you to cover the longer distances in a shorter period of time, reach places of interest in remote areas and gives you a birds view of Namibia. On a typical fly-in safaris you will not have to sacrifice any contact with locals, game drives, interesting excursions, etc. Ndandi Safaris will organize your transfer flights and/or a complete fly-in safari throughout Namibia and beyond its borders, e.g. Kaokoveld, Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta.

Self-drive Safaris
You can explore Namibia on your own. We will gladly assist and advise you with compiling your personal safari itinerary and book your accommodation establishments. We have great deals on rented vehicles for you.  Please feel free to contact us for an offer.

Please be advised that as a foreign visitor to Namibia you need to keep certain aspects in mind:

Namibia has a well-developed and maintained infrastructure of roads between major towns and along certain tourist routes. Most routes have gravel, dust or sand roads that have to be negotiated on a self-drive safari in Namibia. We drive on the left-hand side of the road and wild animals crossing the road is not uncommon, especially from dusk to dawn. For safety reasons, short day stretches are recommended, as you will have to travel slower on the gravel roads.

It is possible to visit the remote areas like the Kaokoveld and Bushmanland on your own, although we do not recommend this! Take a local knowledgeable guide to show you these areas. He will know how to approach the people in the villages; he speaks their language, when it is suitable to take photos, he knows his way around and does the logistical organization for example in regard of filling fuel and water supplies.

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