Fair Chase - Namibian Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA)

The principle of Fair Chase is applicable to ALL trophy hunting, bow hunting and big game hunting.

The pursuit of a free or an enclosed roaming animal possessing the natural behavioural inclination to escape from a hunter, and be fully free to do so.

Every hunter shall pursue an animal only by engaging in fair chase of the quarry:

A motorized mode of transport may not be used to chase the said animal.

·Whenever possible, not in an area that does not by nature concentrate animals for a specific time, such as at a water hole, salt lick or feeding station.

The said animal is to be hunted without an artificial light source.

No ethical hunter while hunting shall take female animals with dependant young.

Animals to be hunted should exist as a naturally interacting individual of a wild sustainable population located in an area that meets both spatial and temporal requirements of the population of which that individual is a member.

Animals to be hunted should be sustained within an ecological functional system.